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Published by Michelle Foong on 30 September 2016

Looking for budget accommodation while quenching your thirst for wanderlust can sometimes get a bit dull. You scroll through the various discounted hotel prices hoping to get a room that at least has a window at an affordable price. At times though I get tired of staying in a place with 4-walls and a bed. I'm always up for something new and different, which is why I love AirBnB.

This is a short glimpse into my solo adventure on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia. I was actually after a particular species of monkey (Ebony Leaf Monkey), which I've been trying to photograph for over 3 years (I've only seen them in the wild twice and missed both opportunities because they ran off!) and heard there was a troop that hung around this area. This was a very different kind of experience, away from the touristy areas and just exploring on my own within my camp area thanks to finding Din Workshop Stay on AirBnB.

Unfortunately the troop of Ebony Leaf Monkeys never turned up. I was told later on that about a month ago their had been some poachers in the area and that may have temporarily scared them off.

Thanks to the three brothers Din, Rastom and Tam for their awesome hospitality! Really looking forward to more odd and exciting AirBnB experiences!