Goodbye 2016

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Goodbye 2016
Published by Michelle Foong on 30 November 2016


As 2016 comes to an end I can't but just be humbled by what the year has taught me. It was an extremely rough year as I sought to really define myself as a photographer. I kept asking myself, "What makes my photos special?" I struggled to find "my style" and to be honest, I haven't found it yet. The year has been full of self doubt, disappointments, and pretty much feeling like a failure - all hidden behind my smile and some nice photos. But then I'm glad as I look back. The feeling of being so frustrated with myself caused me to throw myself out there, to explore, to search and find something. It doesn't matter that my reckless search failed, because in the searching I experienced new things. I've learned not to fear failure, but to embrace it when it happens, kick it in the balls and YOLO!

I know I've been quite behind on my travel updates - one of the many goals for 2017 being commitment and consistency - but I feel blessed to have been able to discover these places this year and I will eventually share these with you!

  • Myanmar - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay
  • Malaysia - Penang, Langkawi
  • Australia (my home!) - Tasmania

I've already set my goals for 2017 and I look towards it with great fear and excitement. There are many new adventures ahead and I'm exploring new ways on how to share these experiences with you! See you in 2017 :)